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    • 09/25/2017
    • 2:00 PM
    • 05/21/2018
    • 3:00 PM
    • Hudson Hills Academy, 62 Overlook Dr., Newburgh, NY
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    Compass Arts Band and Orchestra program Hudson HillsHudson Hills Band and Orchestra Program

    Compass Arts is thrilled to be working with Hudson Hills Academy to bring our amazing band and strings program back for a second year. And if you are one of Hudson Valley's many parents engaged in homeschooling we are hoping that this year your child will join us! Compass Arts is known for its wholistic, mashup-style approach to arts experience and education, and the Compass Arts Band and String Program is ensemble music done up in Compass Arts style. Justin Keller, Daniel Frankhuizen, Larry Moses, and Bryan Kopchak, are our brilliant, inspired teachers. They love their craft and are active professional Broadway/classical/indie/jazz performers who bring their unique energy and flair to this innovative and fun program. The Compass Arts Band and String Program makes ensemble music cool!

    • 01/11/2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • 03/15/2018
    • 6:15 PM
    • Compass Arts, 395 Main Street (back entrance), Beacon, NY
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    Cartooning Comics Ed MurrCartooning II for 3rd-5th grade
    Taught by Ed Murr
    Class dates: Thursdays, 5pm-6:15pm, January 11 to March 15

    For both returning and new students! Explore the fundamental process of character creation using shape construction to develop the form of the character, while considering the personality of the character and how it informs the shape. Students will turn these characters into a cartoon drawing with a world created entirely by them.  A full character has a world in which they live and students will explore perspective as a tool to build their character's individual world. From there they will introduce these characters into a story of their own creation as they explore the language of comics and sequential storytelling. Perfect for kids interested in comics, cartooning, animation and storytelling!! Rate includes a pad of specialty drawing paper for each student.

    If you have questions about the class curriculum, please contact Ed directly at ed@edmurr.com.

    • 01/25/2018
    • 4:00 PM
    • 03/15/2018
    • 4:45 PM
    • Compass Arts, 395 Main Street (back entrance), Beacon, NY
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    Compass Arts CartooningCartooning I for K-2nd grade
    Taught by Ed Murr
    Class dates: Thursdays, 4pm-4:45pm, January 25 to March 15

    Learn the basics of drawing cartoon characters! Using shapes as a foundation, students will experiment with creating their own characters for comics. Attention to beginning technique will be given while fostering students' creativity and character ideas!

    If you have questions about the class curriculum, please contact Ed directly at ed@edmurr.com.

    • 01/29/2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • 03/19/2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • Compass Arts, 395 Main Street (back entrance), Beacon, NY
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    Compass Arts Rompatom Prep Gina SamardgeRompatom Prep for K-2nd grade
    Taught by Gina Samardge
    Session dates: Mondays, 5pm-6pm, January 29 to March 19 (no class 2/19)

    The next step in music and movement education at Compass Arts, Rompatom Prep continues to build upon the foundational skills developed in Musical Chefs and prepare students for the Rompatom Ensemble. Over the course of the session, students will learn to read basic rhythms; play in ensemble on percussive instruments like xylophones, drums and small percussion; experience versatility with their voices and bodies through singing, drama, and movement; improvise and create songs, melodies, movements, rhythms, and rhymes. This holistic approach to learning music based in pedagogies such as Orff-Schulwerk, Kodaly, and Dalcroze immerses students in the process of active music making, allowing them to embody musical concepts and thoroughly have a good time.

    • 01/31/2018
    • 4:30 PM
    • 03/21/2018
    • 6:00 PM
    • Compass Arts, 395 Main Street (back entrance), Beacon, NY
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    Compass Arts Studio Art Foundational Skills Kathy MossStudio Art I: Foundational Skills for 2nd-5th grade
    Taught by Kathy Moss
    Class dates: Wednesdays, 4:30pm-6pm, January 31 to March 21

    This foundation class for students in grades 2-5 familiarizes young artists with the language and concepts of two dimensional art forms at an introductory level. This is accomplished through exploration of materials combined with exposure to master works (from reproductions in books) and experiences with different genres (still life, life drawing, collages). The students will learn observational drawing techniques while experimenting with materials such as pencil, charcoal, ink and ink wash, and watercolor, and concepts such as positive and negative space, additive and subtractive mark making and color mixing, while acquiring skills of seeing and drawing gesture, proportion, scale, weight, volume, and considering composition, subject, narrative. The students are encouraged to challenge themselves in a fun and supportive environment.

    If you have questions about the class curriculum, please contact Kathy directly at cookamunka@aol.com.

    • 02/27/2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • 06/19/2018
    • 6:30 PM
    • Compass Arts, 395 Main Street (back entrance), Beacon, NY
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    Compass Arts Rompatom Ensemble Gina Samardge and Justin KellerRompatom Ensemble for 3rd-8th grade
    Taught by Gina Samardge and Justin Keller
    Semester dates: Tuesdays, 5pm-6:30pm, February 27 to June 19 (no class 3/27)
    Dress Rehearsal: Friday, June 16 (there may be one additional rehearsal this same week)
    Performance: Saturday, June 17 (time TBA)

    A vocal, instrumental, and creative ensemble for students in 3rd-8th grade, Rompatom ensemble includes singing, movement, theatrical elements, and instrumental play + improvisation on xylophones, recorders, and drums. Students who play another instrument may have an opportunity to incorporate it into some pieces in the ensemble as well. Over the course of the 16-week semester, students will prepare an eclectic mix of material, including a wide range of traditional world music-influenced pieces, classical, rock/pop, and musical theater. Movement and dance will also be explored and possibly incorporated into some of the musical numbers. The end performance will weave together these various explorations and pieces into a magical journey of music, humor, theater, mystery, dance, and joy. There is nothing out there quite like this!

    There is no audition required, however, all new students will need to attend an information session on February 20th from 5-6pm to learn about the material being covered and the expectations of each participant. A 3-hour rehearsal will also take place during the school holiday on Friday, May 25th (Friday off before Memorial Day) and is included in the Rompatom tuition.

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