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Elements At Home Compass ArtsElements At Home
Self directed curriculum with guidance from the Compass Arts team
October 5 to December 21

In response to the complex and difficult limitations imposed by coronavirus we at Compass Arts Creativity Project have embarked on a project to supplement our community's educational and arts instruction needs in a way that makes learning safe and inspiring in these uncertain times. Enter Elements At Home, a distance learning experience for children ages 3-6 and their families.

The Elements At Home course offering will give children the chance to dive deep into all of the early childhood developmental learning standards, including: personal & social, language/literacy, math & science, physical development, and creative expression. Through provocations and project-based learning, our very own Compass Arts teaching team has developed a custom made curriculum that is especially designed to empower parents and children to take charge of the learning process in their homes. Elements At Home will provide families with weekly check-ins, written instructions, resources, virtual content, and art packs that will serve as a catalyst to this fall's theme of discovering our identities.

This fall's curriculum specifically focuses on cultivating the wellness of our children's social and emotional development while inspiring their imaginations and sparking their creativity. Through stories, songs, and art projects we will explore what is at the very core of human identity. Together we will explore who we are as individuals and who we are within the context of our families and our community as we construct, dance, paint, sing, write, act and play together.

Drawing from the work of world-renowned artists as well as beloved local artists right here in Beacon, each week our staff will provide you with an art pack containing various materials, written instructions, and tools that will be paired with video experiences. Additionally, we hope to host an outdoor community art gallery event at the finale of the series which will showcase the work created over these 12 weeks and provide an opportunity to connect in person, even if from a distance.

Rate includes: art packs, weekly videos, virtual check-ins, written instructions, and book and media resources. You may add on up to 3 additional art packs to provide materials for siblings or pod members (if you have formed a homeschool pod with other families). Weekly Art Pack delivery option is also available.

  • October 5 to December 21, 2020, $300 (twelve-week self-guided program, sponsorship options available). Additional art packs are available as an add on for up to 3 additional children @ $100/child. Great for siblings and homeschool pods!


Is this just for Beacon Residents?
No! Just like our in person learning was before, Elements At Home is open to the public for as long as spots are still available. This includes Beacon residents as well as residents from the surrounding areas. And, because we are now offering distance learning, we are eager to chat with any individuals or homeschool groups who may be interest in doing the class from greater distances to ensure that we are able to meet their needs and provide the full breath of the Elements experience even if it's from another town or state.

How do participants get materials?
Materials will be provided to participants in the form of kits that will be available for pick up in Beacon every Monday from 9-10am on a weekly basis or delivered directly to you door.

As a side note, this summer we found that Monday pickups organically grew into something many families looked forward to each week. Children were able to show off their projects, ask questions, wave hello to their friends and teachers while parents chatted with one another and reconnected. Many have found the distribution mornings to be such a nice way getting out of the house. Kids love seeing Ms. Gina, Ms. Jessie, and Ms. Romina and the in person physical reminder that we are all in this together has been a welcome comfort.

Can older or younger siblings participate in Elements from Home?
Yes! While many of the early learning standards we focus on in the curriculum are tailor made to target the needs of our 3-6y learners, we have internally designed the curriculum to be deeply meaningful for older children as well as for caregivers. Additionally, each project can be easily adapted at home for toddlers to enjoy. It is our sincere hope that each and every member of your family will have something to gain from this experience.

Are extra Art Packs available?
While many of this session's projects require collaborative work, it is worth mentioning that each kit only contains enough materials for one participate and caregiver. Should you desire more materials for larger learning groups please contact us at enrich@compassarts.org.

Any complimentary programs?
Our Romp and Play class (view here) is specifically designed to be a great compliment to the Elements program!

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