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Beacon Art Journeys - 2!

  • 08/03/2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • 09/04/2020
  • 9:00 PM
  • various locations in Beacon, NY
  • 22


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Beacon Art Journeys Gina Samardge Compass ArtsBeacon Art Journeys - 2!
A five-week site specific "summer camp" curriculum
Guided by the Compass Arts staff
August 3 to September 4, self-directed pacing

Due to popular demand we are offering a second round of Beacon Art Journeys! - a five-week site specific "summer camp" curriculum with weekly project materials and audio/visual inspiration brought to you by a magical team of educators.

Here at Compass Arts we've had to think creatively about how to continue our offerings during the time of coronavirus and Beacon Art Journeys is the result. For a new round of five weeks this summer the Compass Arts team will distribute "Art Packs" that contain materials, directions, and links to audio and/or video content that will allow participants to embark on a guided journey in the local Beacon area. Each participant will have the chance to create their own artwork over the course of what could most closely be described as a creative treasure hunt (hint: the artworks created by the students are the treasure!). Each week's project will take anywhere from one to four hours to complete!

The provided Art Packs will direct participants out of the house to a Beacon area location where you will find inspiration to make and explore! Projects can be completed on location, or sometimes at home, but always at the student's own pace. While the audio/visual component will be targeted to children in the age range of 3 to 6 years old, the open-ended projects provide accessibility and excitement for all elementary aged children. At the beginning of each week Art Pacs will be available for pickup at a predetermined location.

Registration includes all five weeks and includes five Art Packs. Below is an overview of each week's plan.

August 3-7 - Long Dock Park - Painted Driftwood Stories
Each piece of driftwood tells its own story. Its shape is affected by water, wind and weather, and we can only guess how far and how long it has traveled. For this week, kids will find a piece of driftwood to paint! Painted pieces can be left at Long Dock to create a display, or taken home to become a part of your private garden collection of art.

August 10-14 - Binnacle/One Nature - Speak for the Trees! a "street art" project
Inspired by the work of the Lorax, as well as this special location in Beacon where literacy meets nature, kids will learn the definition of the word "advocate." What is something important that you feel you need to advocate for? Creative expression will abound in chalk-paint displays this week!

August 17-21 - Railroad Track Park at Fishkill Overlook Falls - Machines from the Past, Inventions of the Future!
Did you know that not long ago, real trains rumbled down these tracks? And that the falls were used to produce electricity!? In this week's project, kids will find materials and guidance to create simple machines and consider...what kind of a machine could be useful today? We can't wait to see what is invented!

August 24-28 - Wee Woods of Memorial Park - Building with Nature
Art Packs and instruction this week will relate to working with natural, found materials and exploring the patterns, shapes, and rhythms of the forest.

August 31-Septmber 4 - Historical Society - Beacon Families
Our partnership with the Historical Society this week will give kids a peek into Beacon's past! What did kids do 100 years ago in this same place? What are you up to today? Our kit will include all the materials needed to create your own unique family portrait, and submit it to the Historical Society where all work will be bound into a book and archived for future generations!

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