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Space Rentals at Compass Arts

Looking for a space for your event? Ask us! The Compass Arts spaces are available to rent with various rate packages tailored to your needs. Consider us for your upcoming birthday party, event or ongoing business and community program space rentals. We can provide many levels of expert event support or easy space rentals for business or community efforts so let's talk!

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties at Compass Arts Enrichment Center are an absolute joy! Our facilities include two large rooms with a sink and counter storage in each, a large bathroom/changing station and a perfect location in the center of Beacon adjacent to tons of free parking. Tables, chairs, multiple lighting options and a fun atmosphere along with easy access to many downtown Beacon businesses are just some of the benefits of having your birthday party at Compass Arts.

A birthday party at Compass Arts includes a host and can be tailored to your needs from these basic packages:


Our party package provides everything you need to have a successful and fun-filled party.

- A simple $350 fee plus returnable $100 deposit
- Includes a host, a guided activity of your choice and pizza ** for up to 12 kids
- Allows for 2 1/2 hours of access time to our space, 30 minutes for set up,  30 minutes for clear out and an hour and a half of party time
- Your guided activity can be arts and crafts, music or a combination. Tailored birthday party adventures (including use of the famous Rigamajig ***) are available.

** Pizza & Stuff Compass Arts is proud to be partnering with local businesses and orders all their pizza through family-owned business Pizza & Stuff right here in Beacon. We hope you'll take that as a strong recommendation and do the same whenever you need pizza (or stuff!).

*** Rigamajig is a building kit conceived for hands-on free play and learning. It's a collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope designed to engage the inquisitive mind and creative spirit of children. Building with this simple set of parts helps children combine imagination with cognitive thinking & invention, embrace process over outcome, and empowers them to be makers of their own world.


If you just want to rent our space and bring your own food/theme/entertainment etc. this is the option for you.

- An easy fee of $85 per hour with a returnable $100 deposit includes a host and final cleaning
- The minimum rental time of 2 hours gives you time for set up, clear out and roughly an hour and a half of party time
- Discounts on the hourly fee are offered for rental periods of 4 hours and over

CONTACT US to request a party package today.

Other Events

Contact us to inquire about bridal showers, baby showers, crafting parties, dance parties or whatever else you might dream up. We can accommodate a wide range of activities including arts & crafts, sing-a-longs, music performances/jams, dance parties, movie showings, and yoga gatherings just to mention a few and can arrange for as much support or personnel as you need.

CONTACT US to request space rental for your event today.

Community and Business Space Rentals

The Compass Arts spaces are ideally suited to a wide range of uses and we are happy to accommodate ongoing or a la cart space rental arrangements for your business or community programs. Homeschooling organizations or co-ops looking for teaching space, performing artists seeking rehearsal space, businesses needing meeting space along with all manner of solopreneurs, micro businesses or any other organization large or small seeking an affordable alternative to full time commercial leasing or purchasing arrangements should consider Compass Arts for their space needs. We are flexible and particularly fond of assisting in the development of cooperative work alternatives and community development efforts. We can provide everything from straight-up space rental to space plus event support arrangements to cooperative ventures and more.

CONTACT US to inquire about using the Compass Arts spaces for your business or community programs.

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