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Raising Our Prices at Compass Arts

Dear Compass Arts Community,

We want to start by telling you all how much we value you and appreciate your support. We are so lucky to exist in this community; a community that understands and values the work we do in the arts, creativity, inclusivity, and community building. Thank you for that.

In the interest of transparency and communication we want to let you know that we are raising our class rates this coming fall for many of our classes. Inflation has made an impact on our monthly overhead costs, as it has for most of our community. Given that we have not raised our prices on most classes since before the pandemic, it’s a necessary step for us at this point.

By raising our rates, combined with our fundraising efforts, we will be able to cover our increased monthly expenses and bring our staff and teacher pay more into alignment with a living wage, as stated on the MIT living wage calculator website. Our ultimate goal is to pay our staff and teachers rates that surpass a living wage, which only covers basic needs, while making our programming accessible to all and continuing to offer free programming whenever and wherever possible.

We understand that so many in our community are facing economic challenges similar to those we are facing at Compass Arts. We want to destigmatize the idea of asking for help and to make sure folks understand that our sliding scale assistance fund is available to anyone who is dealing with hardship and unable to afford full pricing. For those unfamiliar with sliding scale pricing, we have included a graphic and blog post created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk to help explain the concept. Rather than set pricing tiers, we use our sliding scale application for folks to determine the amount they can afford to pay and request the amount of assistance needed.

Transparency and communication around money and finances are a value those of us at Compass Arts share. We also value respect and trust, and offer that to our community through this fund. You do not need to jump through any hoops other than filling out this form. You do not need to prove that you are in need. You know your household budget. You know what you can and cannot afford.

The past three and a half years have been an unprecedented period in our lifetime. As a grassroots, community-rooted organization, we want you to know that we are in this with you. We are your neighbors, your family members, your teachers, and we care about you. Let’s work together to lift each other up and, in the words of our mission, “create a healthy, just, equitable, and resilient community.”

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