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Saturday Series Compass Arts

Saturday Series, a series of online workshops led by cherished local artists, January 16 to March 20, 2021

As we head into an uncertain winter, Compass Arts is pivoting and growing our online program offerings to meet the community’s need for social connection, creativity, empowerment, and self expression through the arts. The Saturday Series will be a 10 week series of online arts workshops and performances held during the coldest days of winter, from January 16th - March 20th.

Each week's program will feature a different artist who will teach a workshop in one of a variety of arts modalities, including visual arts, dance, poetry, and music. Most weeks will have a targeted age range but will be open to those beyond the specified age range. All of the workshops will be what we call "materials light," meaning there will be very few, if any, materials needed to participate in the workshops effectively. If participants are asked to bring anything, it will typically be paper and pencil and occasionally other materials that are often found around a home. We want to create as few barriers to participation as possible while still inspiring creativity and self expression.

In order to make the workshops in this Saturday Series available to a broad and diverse audience, we are using a sliding scale payment model, which means you choose how much you pay. Registering for free or at the discounted pricing is like receiving a scholarship, while paying the regular pricing helps us cover the true cost of the workshop and makes our sliding scale possible. Thank you for considering your situation and resources as you choose your registration level. We're providing some guidance with the Green Bottle image (click to view) for those unfamiliar with sliding scale, or PWYC "Pay What You Can" pricing. If you would like to sponsor a student for any of these workshops, please make a donation on our donation page and include "Saturday Series Scholarship" in the comments.

Compass Arts Saturday Series Ed MurrSaturday Series
Creating a Cartoon Character Through Shape Language
Geared toward upper elementary and middle school students
Taught by Ed Murr

Ever wonder what makes a cartoon character come alive? What makes one look like a hero while another looks like a villain? Lines, shapes and color all come together to create the characters that will bring our stories to life. Join us as we explore the design and construction of our favorite characters and get inspired to explore and create original characters of your own!

  • Saturday, January 16, 2021, 4-5pm (sliding scale)

Compass Arts Saturday Series Poet GoldSaturday Series
Dream Out Loud Poetry Workshop
Geared toward middle school and high school students
Taught by The Poet Gold

The Dream Out Loud poetry workshop mission is to engage students in understanding the direct connection between literacy, goal setting, and the achievement of their dreams. It is a workshop where participants write about their dreams in a poetic style in order to foster empowerment, find their voices for social justice and live a hopeful and productive life...to identify their dreams!

  • Two Saturdays, January 23 and January 30, 2021, 4-5:30pm (sliding scale)

Compass Arts Saturday Series Romina RobinsonSaturday Series
What Do You See When You Listen?
Geared toward lower and upper elementary students
Taught by Romina Robinson

In this one hour workshop, kids will learn about the phenomena of synesthesia, in which a person might experience the blending of multiple sensorial inputs, such as seeing sounds. Students will explore this concept through an audio accompanied art making experience, and conclude with a fun "coding" exercise of visually representing a pattern or rhythm. What sounds do your shapes make? How can we represent a pattern of sounds?

  • Saturday, February 6, 2021, 4-5pm (sliding scale)

Compass Arts Saturday Series Gwen LasterCompass Arts Saturday Series Damon Banks

Saturday Series
Global Rhythms, Sounds and Songs: Weaving Cultures in and through our Music
Geared toward middle school and high school students
Taught by Gwen Laster and Damon Banks

Violinist Gwen Laster and Bassist Damon Banks are excited to bring an interactive performance based workshop to young musicians and music lovers of the Compass Arts community. Bring an instrument, found object, or your own body to play along. Gwen and Damon will introduce songs and sounds based on global rhythms, melodies and stories from cultures around the world. They are co-founders of Creative Strings Improvisers Ensemble, "educating and engaging the complete artist in young musicians through improvisation, composition and global music."

  • Saturday, February 13, 2021, 4-5pm (sliding scale)

Compass Arts Saturday Series Chelsea AcreeSaturday Series
Dance Makers: Creating Movement to Tell a Story
Geared toward lower and upper elementary students
Taught by Chelsea Acree

What are the elements of a story? What tools can you use to tell this story? In this workshop, students will explore how to use their body, space, and screen to create a collaborative performance experience based on a tale. After a quick warm up, the class will read a story and discuss the important elements to make their own version through movement. Let’s practice the art of dance by moving together and sharing the creative process.

  • Saturday, February 20, 2021, 4-5pm (sliding scale)

Compass Arts Saturday Series Gina SamardgeSaturday Series
Draw a Dance, Sing a Shape
Geared toward lower and upper elementary students
Taught by Gina Samardge

How does a snowflake move? What does a spiral sound like? In this playful workshop we'll experiment with the intersections of art, dance, and music to see how we can use these tools to create original sound, visual, and movement compositions to accompany a song. We'll learn about ostinato, patterns, and form as we develop our pieces and create our own unique language to document and notate what we have created. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a writing/drawing utensil and a piece of paper, and something to play - real instrument, found object, or even just your own body. This workshop is great for family participation, so tune in with the whole family and let's make something together!

  • Saturday, February 27, 2021, 4-5pm (sliding scale)

Compass Arts Saturday Series Patti DeBonisCompass Arts Saturday Series JessieShaffer

Saturday Series
Exploring Stories Through Music and Art
Geared toward pre-school and lower elementary school students
Taught by Patti DeBonis and Jessie Shaffer

Join Patti and Jessie for a live experience of Elements at Home! Together we will explore children’s literature through the mediums of illustration, song, and an art project. This 40 minute session is designed with children ages 3-6 in mind but can really be enjoyed by folks as young as two and as old as 99! So have your whole family tune in for some banjo pickin’, story tellin’, and art makin’ as we explore the change of seasons together and celebrate the upcoming spring equinox.

  • Saturday, March 6, 2021, 4-4:40pm (sliding scale)

Compass Arts Saturday Series Sabrina WilliamsonSaturday Series
The World Needs Art: Self Expression and Advocacy through Street Art
Geared toward middle school and high school students
Taught by Sabrina Williamson

How can you make art that impacts your community? In this exciting workshop, students will learn about community art, social commentary art, graffiti, neo graffiti, and gorilla art; the rich far dating history of these art forms and their impact today.  Planning and design as well as law abiding ways to execute these art forms will be addressed as the students create their own ways of making the world around us more beautiful while expressing their feelings.

  • Two Saturdays, March 13 and March 20, 2021, 4-5:30pm (sliding scale)
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