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Compass Arts School Programming

With over 15 years experience in general music education and certification as an Orff-Schulwerk Educator, Gina Samardge is well positioned as a developer, consultant and provider of music education to schools in the Dutchess, Putnam, Orange and Ulster Counties in New York and now, through Compass Arts, provides general music programs on a contractual basis for area schools.

The mission of Compass Arts School Programming is to bring a consistent, vibrant music curriculum to area schools and preschools that cannot afford to hire a full time instructor. Many private schools run the risk of high turnover with their part time specials teachers, keeping their students from making the progress they would otherwise achieve by having a consistent and cumulative curriculum. By working with Compass Arts, schools can ensure that their music curriculum remains constant and fluid, allowing for greater success among students.

A major component of the Compass Arts School Programming is that Compass Arts provides all necessary music education instruments and props. By doing this, schools are not investing in materials that might not be used by a subsequent music educator. If a school would choose to terminate its relationship with Compass Arts, it would not have the burden of unusable instruments and props and the associated loss of investment.

In addition to general music, Compass Arts can fold in full band and orchestra programs complete with group instruction and direct-to-parent access to instrument rentals. These programs can be tailored to a school's needs and various pricing models, including parent funding, are available.

Compass Arts School Programming is intended to solve many problems for private schools and is offered at competitive pricing. Overall, the magic of Gina Samardge's curriculum development and the simplicity of a single management interface provide a tremendous value that can ensure administrative ease and long term consistency and quality of music education for area schools.

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