COMPASS ARTS was built upon the idea that learning and creating are best accomplished through exploration, improvisation and play, Compass Arts seeks to expand the minds of children and adults and empower each individual through its interactive arts classes. Currently housed in the Compass Arts Enrichment Center in the heart of downtown Beacon, NY and drawing from the talents of professionals in a variety of arts fields, Compass Arts continues to grow its offerings, enabling you to find YOUR direction.


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Compass Arts Modern Dance Nathalie JonasModern Dance for 5-7 year olds
Taught by
Nathalie Jonas
Class dates:
Tuesdays, March 29 - May 31, 4:30pm-5:15pm

Have you been looking for a dance class for your child that isn't ballet? Well, here it is! This class teaches dance technique and form, but from a holistic perspective. It will be active, fun, and great for the spirit! We will roll on the floor, fly across the space, and learn all the many ways our bodies can move.

Compass Arts Musical LabMusical Lab for 6-9 year olds
Taught by Lydia Adams Davis
Class dates: Wednesdays,  March 30-June 15, 4pm-4:45pm


Students become inventors in this music class based in the musical pedagogy approaches of Orff Schulwerk and Kodaly. Over the course of the session, students will learn to read basic rhythms; play in ensemble on percussive instruments like xylophones, drums and small percussion; experience versatility with their voices and bodies through singing, drama, and movement; improvise and create songs, melodies, movements, rhythms, and rhymes. This holistic approach to learning music immerses students in the process of active music making, allowing them to embody musical concepts and thoroughly have a good time.

Compass Arts CartooningIntro to Drawing Cartoon Characters for 4-7 year olds
Taught by Marvel & Topps Comic book illustrator and professor, Ed Murr
Class dates: Thursdays from 4pm - 4:45pm, March 31-June 16


Learn the basics of drawing cartoon characters! Using shapes as a foundation, students will experiment with creating their own characters for comics. Attention to beginning technique will be given while fostering students' creativity and character ideas! Perfect for kids interested in comics, cartooning, and drawing! No experience necessary.

Cartooning comics Ed MurrCharacters, Cartooning & Comics for 8-12 year olds
Taught by Ed Murr
Class date: Thursday, March 31-June 16, 4:45pm-6pm


For both returning and new students! Explore the fundamental process of character creation using shape construction to develop the form of the character, while considering the personality of the character and how it informs the shape. Students will turn these characters into a cartoon drawing with a world created entirely by them. A full character has a world in which they live and students will explore perspective as a tool to build their character's individual world. From there they will introduce these characters into a story of their own creation as they explore the language of comics and sequential storytelling. Perfect for kids interested in comics, cartooning, animation and storytelling!

Compass Arts RumberitosRumberitos for Children up to 4 years and a Caregiver
Taught by Lisa Marie Martinez
Class dates: Fridays, April 1-June 17, 9:45am - 10:30am


Rumberitos is an exciting new play group developed to give all children 0-4 the building blocks needed to incorporate Spanish into their daily lives. We will explore the Spanish Language and Latin American culture through song, dance and play, and investigate the world around us, while providing parents the support needed to reinforce Spanish language at home. This fun six week play group will be open to children 0-4 and caregivers with any language background.

Compass Arts Dancing Tree YogaFamily Yoga
Taught by Alice Sipple
Class dates: Mondays, April 4-June 13, 3pm - 3:45pm (no class Monday, May 30)


Family Yoga classes use playful themes to explore breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and yoga postures. Parents are invited to participate by partnering with their children during certain poses and by stretching, breathing and dancing alongside their children throughout the class. Classes include sensory games and/or creative movement.

Compass Arts Adventures in YogaAdventures in Yoga for 6-10 year olds
Taught by Alice Sipple
Class dates: Mondays, April 4-June 13, 4pm - 4:45pm (no class Monday, May 30)


Adventures in Yoga classes ease children into correct alignment of yoga poses while keeping it fun! Games and creative movement are all part of a daily class. Breathing techniques, sensory exploration and relaxation exercises will help your child to maintain focus and manage stress in the years to come.

Compass Arts SoneritosSoneritos - Spanish Through Music and Play for 4-6 year olds
Taught by Lisa Marie Martinez
Class dates: Tuesdays, April 5-June 21, 3:30pm-4:15pm


This 45 minute drop off class offers children ages 4-6 the opportunity to learn the Spanish language through exploration and song. With a diverse set of original and popular Latin American materials, children will be introduced to tongue twisters, hand clapping games, rhymes, and traditional games, accompanied by music, movement and instrumental play. Students will also take a look at some familiar games and songs from their own lives and see how that experience translates into Spanish. This experiential setting encourages children to experiment with the art of play, in Spanish, and fall in love with it.

Compass Arts Graphic Novel WorkshopComic Drawing for 7-9 year olds
Taught By Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Novelist, Deb Lucke
Class dates: Tuesdays, April 5-June 21, 4pm-5pm


Students will spend the entire class drawing funny pictures. They will explore what makes a character funny whether it is the shape of it’s nose, how she walks, or how his mind works. We will work with expressions and action, creating a world for the character, and adventures. The emphasis is on creativity, experimentation, and imagination. We will use fun materials along with drawing with pencils. No experience necessary. All materials included.

Graphic Novel Cartooning Deb LuckeGraphic Novel Workshop for 10 - 14 year olds
Taught By Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Novelist, Deb Lucke
Class dates: Tuesdays, April 5-June 21, 5pm-6:30pm


In this workshop students will learn how to build a character from the inside as well as from the outside. Game-like exercises will help students develop ideas. Characters will be in peril. Characters will be in conflict. Stories will emerge. Funny stories will emerge.
Students will work with story structure in a fun and physical way, cutting and pasting as well as drawing. First time students will focus on exploration with an emphasis on character and sequence. Returning students have the option to develop their own mini-comic.

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