Ways to Give

Compass Arts Creativity Project’s mission is to create healthy, just, equitable, and resilient communities through arts based classes, performances, and events rooted in exploration, collaboration, creation, and play. As a community-funded nonprofit, we rely on donations of all sizes to support our programming. Your donation allows us to;

Advocate for the Arts. We believe in the power of the arts to connect, inspire, empower, and heal individuals and communities and we’re raising money so we can bring these powerful, creative tools to more people in our community.

Create and Sustain Jobs. We believe that our teaching artists and the administrative staff are valuable and that their skills and talents deserve to be compensated fairly and to reflect the immense value that they bring to the community.

Make the Arts Equitable. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the power of the arts in their lives, not just if they can afford it. We continue to work to provide more experiences, activities, and resources in and to the community so they may benefit from all the arts have to offer and we continue to keep our general class pricing affordable and offer sliding scale pricing options to encourage as many people as possible in our community to participate.

Inspire Cultural Change. We believe that the process of arts making and of creative expression provide tools and skills that can be applied to real world situations. That problem solving is enhanced through the critical thinking and communication skills learned in collaborative arts making experiences, and the process of sharing ourselves and our stories through a variety of mediums builds the compassion and empathy needed for deep, cultural change. The arts make our world a better place!

Offer Free Programming. We regularly bring free arts activities, performances, and experiences to our community through a variety of mediums.

Please visit the Compass Arts donate page to make a contribution.

As a small nonprofit with big goals, we deeply value our relationships with the businesses, organizations and individuals who understand and support our mission. Compass Arts sponsors have the opportunity to help us grow by meeting specific needs of our organization, which in turn helps us meet the needs of our shared community. Here are some ways you join our family of sponsors:

Sponsor a program. We are grateful for financial assistance for any of our free programs. We are currently seeking sponsorship for our popular Community Activity Table program, which will include promotion of your business on multiple platforms. Email enrich@compassarts.org to learn more!

Sponsor an event. Small businesses have been pivotal in helping us fund events, including our epic adult dance parties, teen hangs, and summer D&D events. Email enrich@compassarts.org to inquire about upcoming events opportunities.

Become a sustaining donor. Our sustaining donors are our superheroes, helping us behind the scenes to do the hard work of a nonprofit. If you think you might be interested in joining the team, we’d love to have a conversation about how to combine our powers! Contact us at enrich@compassarts.org to get the ball rolling.

If you’re interested in volunteering with Compass Arts, drop us a line at enrich@compassarts.org and tell us about yourself!

We’re especially interested in finding volunteers to help out with:

  • Our events planning committee
  • Our middle and high school hangs

For paid work opportunities, please visit our jobs page.