Our Mission

Compass Arts Creativity Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create healthy, just, equitable, and resilient communities through arts based classes, performances, and events rooted in exploration, collaboration, creation, and play.

Our teaching philosophy is focused on process and inquiry.

We strive to find ways to make the arts accessible and to respond to our community’s needs.

Facilitating empathy and connection among our students is a core value.

We aspire to be an anti-racist organization and are actively working towards that ideal.

We seek to embrace neurodiversity in our classrooms.

We want to create safe space for LGBTQIA+ students.

We are a young organization and consider ourselves a learning space. We seek to hold ourselves accountable when we fall short of our values and to embrace opportunities for growth.

What makes Compass Arts unique?

Compass Arts offers and hosts experiences that inspire curiosity – because curiosity is what drives deep learning and deep experience. We are your local, community-involved enrichment center. But what is an enrichement center?, you ask. Well, part of that title is a comment on how school curriculums these days are so preoccupied with standarized tests and budget cuts that they are arts-poor and how we are here to help make up for that (we’re arts-rich!). And, part of it is a comment on what your child will get out of Compass Arts experiences – expansion, problem solving, inspiration, wonder – all the things that a really good arts curriculum can provide. The emphasis there is on the “really good” part. Compass Arts provides community-sourced teachers who are passionate about what they do, professionals in their fields or just incredibly good at teaching. But Compass Arts isn’t just a replacement for lacking school arts programs or other after school activities, it is your local outside-the-box learning center, a place that is at least a couple of ticks north of rare. Our approach is wholistic, student-driven, impovisational, integrative, equity-aware and supportive. It’s about zylophones, it’s about tinikling, it’s about folk art and ideas. It’s about cultures and comics, asking questions and making stuff. We’re a cup of confetti that’s just been tossed in the air above your head.

That’s what makes Compass Arts unique.