Jobs at Compass Arts

Compass Arts is always seeking to grow, enhance and diversify our workforce. If you have a vision for contributing to our community, we want to know.

Teaching artist positions at Compass Arts are flexible, and ideal for those who have some auxiliary space in their vocational sphere. The Compass Arts vision is extremely broad so whether you are an artist, a yogi, a farmer, a chef or a leadership trainer, we encourage you to consider how your gift might be packaged and shared as a class, workshop or experience.

Compass Arts is run by a small team of both full and part time administrators where multiple forms of expertise are considered useful. Strategic vision and a willingness to place a high priority on social equity, power sharing, open communication and anti-racist ideals are extremely welcome here.

Compass Arts maintains a board of directors in accordance with state and federal requirements for nonprofit organizations. There are volunteer positions that allow for a limited time commitment and plenty of ways to contribute and enhance the ability of Compass Arts to serve our community.


Regardless of the type of work you are seeking we hope you’ll feel free to reach out to a member of our team anytime.